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Aaron Berger and the Blue Stars

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Super group, Aaron Berger and the Blue Stars stopped by for a session on the couch. It just so happens to be three people from Eli and the Straw Man, and that's awesome. So many laughs were had on this chilly Sunday morning.  : 

  1. The band toured the east coast of Canada in 2013 and feasted like Gods at the Bay of Fundy, perhaps this will happen again soon.
  2. It is a well known fact that the harmonies these guys create put sirens to shame.
  3. There are whispers of a possible new album in the works. This makes us yell to the heavens with joy.
  4. It is rumored that Tre Cool has an ongoing beef with this band. Perhaps a rap battle on a couch will happen. 
  5. Make sure to check out the current album "Colour and Light" Some pretty sweet mandolin on there. 


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