Band on a Couch

Remember MTV Unplugged? Think of BOAC as a new (and improved?) version of an intimate evening of music, set on a couch...

Unplugged bands rocking out on a couch... Discover new music every week as we present a new video featuring original material from the indie, folk, rock and alternative genres.  

History on a Couch

BOAC is the brainchild of four friends.  Arih, Cody, Jordan, and Pete always enjoyed writing music and playing music and being around music type stuff and similarly minded people.  One day, between jams they all had an idea together.  This is that idea. 

Portrait by:   Michael Firman

Portrait by: Michael Firman

Arih SK (@arih_sk)

Growing up on the violin, Arih was soon big enough to get off the violin and learn how to play it.  He is a finder of things.  He is the founder of the Albert Street Motel, the home of Band on a Couch. 

These days, Arih splits his time between BOAC, playing bass for Stereo Sunrise, writing, and full-time work in the field of Civil Engineering.

Check out his band, Stereo Sunrise, here:

Cody Linthicum (@codylint)

Originally from Indiana, Cody made his way north, crossing the border with little more than the clothes on his back.  And, of course, a guitar.  Master of the six-string, the eight-string(mandolin), and most recently, the five-stringer(banjo), it has been said that Cody can play anything with frets.

Juggling an ever-busier schedule, Cody manages the web content on BOAC, books the bands, and is a member of at least two bands, Mando Calrissian & Knife the Wolf.

Check out his band, Knife the Wolf, here:

Jordan Rutledge (@jordanrutledge1)

As a young lad, Jordan braved the cold climes of northern Ontario.  He got his feet wet in broadcasting and then moved on to his two passions, lead electric guitar and audio recording.  From the humble beginnings of recording his own bands, Jordan has since moved on to mixing and recording for local bands in the Niagara Region and GTA.  Jordan is the main sound engineer for the BOAC project.  Jordan loves his cat, Evie.

When he's not recording, Jordan can be found around town running open mics, playing solo gigs, or flashing his electric guitar with Knife the Wolf.

For mixing and recording rates, contact Jordan at: jordanmakesmusic(at)gmail(dot)com

Check out his solo project, the Jordan Rutledge Band, here:

Peter Chadwick (@pete_chad)

From California, to Barrie, to St. Catharines, to Welland, Pete was born for travel and adventure.  As BOAC's main videographer, Pete's had his hands full (literally).  Between tapings, Pete is usually busy cookin' up some jams with his punk rock band, the Advancing Low-Lives.   

Pete runs his own production company, LowLife Productions, so if you're looking for a quick and dirty video for your band, get at him: 


Check out his band, the Advancing Low-Lives, here:

Albert Street Motel

St. Catharines, ON, Canada

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