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rafik guirguis

Singer/songwriter and Niagara music scene veteran, Rafik Guirguis, dropped in a few Sundays ago to play us a couple of his new tunes!

1.  A new single, "Hey Dear Mamma' is set for release August 1st - much excite!
2.  Rafik has been involved with numerous Niagara bands, including Journey to Aspen, Atticus, and Young Cardinals. 
3.  When not on stage, Rafik is often running it - organizing and promoting countless shows at Taps on Queen in Niagara Falls. 
4.  Last year Rafik created the Livestock Niagara Music Festival, and this year it will be bigger and better than ever, featuring 4 stages and 44 bands over a span of 14 hours!




Band on a Couch

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