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Remember MTV Unplugged? Think of BOAC as a new (and improved?) version of an intimate evening of music, set on a couch...

Unplugged bands rocking out on a couch... Discover new music every week as we present a new video featuring original material from the indie, folk, rock and alternative genres.  

Shore Thing

Shore Thing was in the neighbourhood, so we turned on the cameras and tricked them into sitting on the couch for some tunes.  : 

  1. When Ben's not slapping the....cello, he's designing graphics, pulling pints, and coaching in the ways of volleyball.
  2. It is a common known fact the band is too handsome for most venues.
  3. The band recently released a great EP that can be acquired at their webpage.
  4. Being God fearing men they just recorded a three part video at an old church in Virgil, just happens to be a brewery now. Check it out!
  5. Uncanny ability to be comfortable in any couch related situation.
  6. Loves tangerines

Official Website:
YouTube: Shore Thing Channel 

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