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Remember MTV Unplugged? Think of BOAC as a new (and improved?) version of an intimate evening of music, set on a couch...

Unplugged bands rocking out on a couch... Discover new music every week as we present a new video featuring original material from the indie, folk, rock and alternative genres.  

the zilis

Hamilton's finest 3 piece rock group, the Zilis, dropped by in their tour van with one set of bongos, two guitars, and two songs off their first album, Sketches.  

1.  The band is currently working on their third album. Booya!
2.  Band interests include pizza, pasta (no white sauce), 7th chords, Don Vito and other various characters of Italian-American cinema.
3.  New Zili flamingo design T-shirts are in, get yours on their Bandcamp!





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