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Remember MTV Unplugged? Think of BOAC as a new (and improved?) version of an intimate evening of music, set on a couch...

Unplugged bands rocking out on a couch... Discover new music every week as we present a new video featuring original material from the indie, folk, rock and alternative genres.  


Tragedy Ann is a new folk/blues mash up consisting of Braden Phelan and Elivia Cazzola! Sit back and enjoy three tunes from the stellar duo, we sure did!

1. Both Braden and Liv are tea drinkers. Liv enjoyed green tea in a green mug; Braden prefers Earl Grey, but settled for Chai in a brown mug.
2. Braden's solo effort, '379 Evert St.' is now available - get it! 
3. Liv's band, the Lifers, are set to release their first full length album, 'Out and In' on February 17th! There are 3 release shows, one in Guelph, one in Toronto, and one in London... Check their website and get to one of these awesome shows (or all 3)!

Braden phelan music

the lifers music


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