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Remember MTV Unplugged? Think of BOAC as a new (and improved?) version of an intimate evening of music, set on a couch...

Unplugged bands rocking out on a couch... Discover new music every week as we present a new video featuring original material from the indie, folk, rock and alternative genres.  

Whitney Pea

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Whitney, Laurel, and Frank joined us for coffee, coffee, coffee this weeks episode. Everyone behind the cameras were jittery but luckily we have editing tools. We were all wowed by their performance. We bet you will be too! : 

  1. Fact : You cannot be sad while listening to these songs. It is scientifically impossible. Proven in labs across the world.
  2. Couch decorated by the band this week...we like.
  3. Whitney loves animals, and farms them! The world needs more musical farmers in our opinion.
  4. Frank plays the stand up bass, he is very, very close to the couch...good enough for us! 
  5. Those harmonies!!!!!!!!!

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